Gore Lake is in the heart of the Eagle’s Nest Wilderness Area in Colorado, precisely bisecting a straight line drawn between the towns of Silverthorne and Vail. This morning at Gore Lake was very windy and the lake wasn’t going to give me any good reflection shots, so I found this small sheltered pond at the lake’s far east end. I think this actually worked out for the best, because it depicts the scenery around the lake better than other photos I’ve seen. When I arrived at the lake the previous day, I was surprised at how steep the mountains at the west side of the lake are. It seems that most photographers use a very wide angle lens at the lake’s edge in order to capture the lake, the surrounding mountains, and the mountains’ reflections. The problem with this is that it distorts the steepness of the mountains and it makes the lake appear to be in a much wider valley than it actually is. I stood farther back from the lake, across the pond, and I think that provided a more accurate representation of the surrounding peaks and crags.

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