In the May 2012 issue of Backpacker Magazine, this campsite was featured as one of twelve of “America’s Best Campsites.” Backpacker wrote: “Camp at what feels like the top and the edge of the world. At 7,686 feet, this perch (the park’s highest designated site) sits at the brink of a 2,000-foot dropoff overlooking a sea of razor peaks smothered in snow and ice. You’ll likely share the view with mountain goats and hoary marmots, but not hiker hordes – there are six tent sites, each atop widely spaced talus mounds. Plus, the camp is at the end of the trail. Get here after a quad-taxing ascent of 4,100 feet in 5.9 miles on the Cascade Pass and Sahale Arm Trails, passing through meadows exploding with lupine and Indian paintbrush in mid-summer.”

I visited Sahale Glacier Camp in 2010. The hike up to the glacier was long and cold. The night was windy and cloudy. But, the next morning was incredible and I shot many amazing photos.

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