While camping near Hammerfest, Norway (which claims to be the northernmost town in the world, although this is disputed), a herd of reindeer walked past my tent. This isn’t entirely unexpected, as the reindeer of northern Scandinavia are domesticated and herded by the native Sámi people, following an annual migration that places many reindeer near the north coasts in summer. I followed the herd for a pretty good amount of time, which was a bit difficult as they move quickly. Finally, they rested for a while and they didn’t seem to mind me walking near them and taking photos. This photo was taken with Kodak Plus-X-Pan 125, a film that I miss working with due to its capabilities for holding a dramatic range of light. (I haven’t shot or processed film in years at this point.) In 2003, when I took this photo, I backpacked around northern Scandinavia with 60 rolls of Plus-X-Pan, plus 20 rolls of slides. All things considered, I’m glad the whole digital revolution happened.

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